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Weather Monitoring Station Established at North Valley School

North Valley English Secondary School has established Weather Monitoring station on June 15, 2019 at its premises. This instrument has six sensors to measure the various meteorological parameters:  Anemometer to measure wind velocity, Pyranometer to measure solar radiation, Raingauge to measure the precipitation, Hygrometer to measure the relative humidity, Thermometer to measure the atmospheric temperature and Barometer to measure the pressure. The purpose of this Weather Monitoring station is to provide the knowledge to the students about various meteorological parameters, measuring instruments used therein and its importance in studying the weather and climate. This station continuously measures the various aforementioned meteorological parameters with 5 minute time interval and is recorded in the Data logger. This device has also wireless technology which transmits the data via GSM network and can be viewed in the school website. The establishment of this Weather Station at North Valley English Secondary School has provided for the first time the real scientific measurement of meteorological parameters of this Tarakeshwar Municipality.