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School Diary

School Diary

Our school has maintained school diary to record the students’ performance/progress,  convey message from teacher to parents, from parents to teacher and  help students record the assignment /homework given by teachers. School diary is very helpful to students, teachers, parents and school management to enhance teaching and learning process. 

1) Parents are requested to check their wards’ diary everyday for possible information or notice from the school, see their monthly report, check on their progress and encourage them      for maintaining proper discipline.

2) Parents can know various activities of the school, their wards' performance, complaints against the children, homework given to children etc. 

3) Teacher can know the progress of students and ask students to take down homework in their diary.

4) Students can take down homework in the diary, fixing priorities depending on the importance and volume of work and know their own progress/performance.

5) Students can know about discipline rules of the school and various penalties for breaking school discipline. 

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