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Academic Information

Academic Information

Our academic session starts from 1st Baishakh (mid-April) and ends on the second week of Chaitra ( last week of March of the following year). We have divided the academic session into three terms and one mid term examination. Each term ends with the conduct of terminal examination. After each terminal examination, the result is published and the answer sheet is handed over to the parents/guardians to review the performance of their child. After having seen their child’s performance, the answer sheet must be returned to the Exam Incharge within 14 days.  The concerning subject teacher counsels the students and his/her parent regarding the performance of the student. Weightage of each terminal examination is as follows:

              First terminal examination:                         15%

              Mid terminal examination:                           15%

              Third terminal examination:                         15%

              Final examination:                                        35%

We have adopted a method called Continuous Assessment to evaluate our students continuously throughout the academic year. This examination forces students to put continuous effort throughout the academic year rather than overnight studying just before examination. Therefore, it helps students improve their academic performance. The performance of each student in each subject on the following activities is recorded and evaluated by the related subject teacher and finally his/her score in each subject is totaled with score obtained by students in the terminal examination to arrive at the final score of the students.

               Continuous Assessment

                     Attendance:                                             5%

                     Homework:                                              5%

                     Class work/ class participation:               5%

                     Project work:                                           5%        

The final result is prepared on the basis of the above weightage and the marks secured by student in each terminal examination.

All the information about the exam schedules, holidays, events and activities are clearly mentioned in the school academic calendar and it can be downloaded from school website.  Emergency holidays like bandh, chakka jam etc. will be informed by bulk messaging system in cell phone.  Also, the important events and activities will be posted in the school website. All students, staffs, parents and guardians are requested to visit the school website frequently to update the information. 

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