Nurturing Our Young for the Future Nepal


North Valley English Secondary School (NVESS) is located in Tarkeshwor-13, Dharmasthali, Kathmandu about 3 Kilometers north of Balaju on the foothills of Tarkeshwor Mountain. It is named after the northern valley location of Kathmandu.The school provides comprehensive qualitative education to children from kindergarten level to 10th grade by its highly qualified, experienced, trained and dedicated teaching staff. Besides imparting the qualitative academic knowledge, the school aims the intellectual, mental, moral, physical and cultural development in children giving more emphasis to life-centered and practical-oriented education rather than examination based education to produce well-rounded student. We use student-centric approach to educate the students. We aim to develop the analytical ability of students through scientific approach. Besides academic learning and teaching, the school focuses on the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. We are always guided and motivated by our slogan, "Nurturing Our Young for the Future Nepal”.

NVESS, the oldest private English medium and the premier school in the northern region of the Kathmandu Valley was established in 2045 (1988 A.D.) with the joint effort of a number of community educational intellectuals in order to provide the access of and contribute in the development of the quality education in the region. Mr. Sanu Babu Bindukar, who is the main founder of this school, has been continuously supporting the school since inception. The school was started in a rented house with 65 number of students and seven teaching and non-teaching staffs. Over the years, the number of students rose dramatically and now is a house of more than 500 number of students. This school is undergoing massive restructuring work in terms of infrastructure and facilities in order to impart the best quality education under the leadership of the founder Mr. Sanu Babu Bindukar.

Figure: Existing Secondary Level Academic Building

Eight number of students appeared in the SLC examination in 2055 for the first time. The performance was excellent with all students securing the first division with distinction. Since then the school has left no stone unturnedin terms of the quality of education and each year the school has brought consistent and an excellent result in the SLC examination.The products of this school can be found in all walks of life. Some of them havebeen placed in the most prestigious government positions of Nepal and serving the nation and some have attended the renowned universities of the world for higher education. Many of them have risen to be enterprising businessmen, academicians, researchers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, politicians, and leaders of major companies. Since last 28 years, the school has been continuously contributing towards providing the quality education in the region.

NVESS is an epitome of the diversity of Nepal representing the students from all surroundings, backgrounds, culture and religion. Although the school is a private educational organization, we believe on the universal access of basic education to all and therefore, we support the financially weak and marginalized groups of students by providing them scholarship and freeship. The school provides the scholarships to the meritorious students as well. 

The school covers more than 8000 square meters of land with spacious building for kindergarten and secondary level and is equipped with two full sizes multipurpose sports field including football, volleyball and basket ball, assembly ground, cafeteria, library with Wi-Fi internet, science labs, computer lab, music and dance room, AV room with multimedia projector and LCD TV and living quarters. NVESS has a team of highly qualified, experienced and trained teachers and managed by professional management team. We believe on the continuous and never ending improvement in the quality of education and therefore, we strive constantly to improve our service. 

Figure: Under-construction school model