Nurturing Our Young for the Future Nepal

Message from Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians and Well-Wishers,

सबैलाई नमस्कार!

First and foremost, I would like to thank all the parents, guardians and well-wishers. It is my great pleasure to welcome you in this website. North Valley English Secondary School, the first of its kind in this region, was founded by Sanu Babu Bindukar in 1988 and serving the society and community relentlessly by providing the quality education for more than 28 years. Over the years, this school has already produced highly skilled manpower needed in our society.

Since its inception, we have been providing the quality education to our students and we promise all the parents and guardians that we will leave no stone unturned to offer the highest quality education to our students. To keep up pace with the changing time, we are rejuvenating our school by massively restructuring and modernizing our infrastructure to excel the quality of education and coming in a reinvigorated form.

We have set our vision “Nurturing our young for the future Nepal” and accordingly all our goals, objectives and activities are directed towards achieving and materializing our vision into reality.We pay attention to every minute detail of our students to provide the best quality education. The best quality education we mean is not to offer the bookish knowledge, learning by heart and scoring good grade in the examination but to impart the practical knowledge and skills besides academic learning to groom children to be successful in work, life and contribute to our society. We nurture, train and groom our students to face the challenges of 21st century.

At  last but not least, I would like to request to all parents, guardians and well-wishers to provide us opportunity to serve you by admitting your child in our school.

Thank you.

With best wishes

Mrs. Sarita Bajracharya (Bindukar)