Nurturing Our Young for the Future Nepal

Scholarship and Awards


We believe that no students should deprive of or forgo the basic education due to lack of money.  Therefore, we offer different scholarships and freeship to the marginalized and poor students and academically excellent students. We provide the following scholarship to the students:

  1. We provide 10% scholarship of the total admission in each academic year to the marginalized and poor students. Their monthly tuition fee is waived. However, they have to maintain minimum academic standard as set by the school to continue the scholarship.
  2. We provide freeship to one student of each class who stands first position in aggregate marks over the entire academic year in which the monthly tuition fees will not be taken for the new academic session.
  3. Those students who get scholarship and freeship have to pay all other fees as per the school rules except the monthly tuition fees.
  4. Those students who get freeship will not be granted freeship again if they are unsuccessful in the exams.

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Encouragement and Awards

We always encourage our students to surpass, excel and outperform in their academic learning and other activities by providing different awards. Following awards are granted to the students who exhibit the best performance in different areas:

  1. Among those students appearing in the S.L.C. Exam from this school, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position holders will be provided a letter of honor and a cash prize of Rs. 1500/-, Rs. 1200/-, and Rs. 1000/- respectively.
  2. Prizes will be given to those students from each class who stand 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in the terminal examination.
  3. Merits points (+1, +2, +3) will be given to such students who are regular at homework, assignment, class participation, project work and active in extracurricular activities, but Demerits (-1, -2, -3) will be given to students who are careless in above mentioned activities. Finally, 'Merit Prize' will be awarded to one student from each class who gets the highest Merit over the entire academic year on the Final Exam prize distribution day.
  4. The first, second, and third position holders in the spelling contest, handwriting competition, quiz contest, story and essay writing competition, public speaking competition, drawing competition, sports competition, poetry-recitation competition etc. organized each year in this school will be distributed certificates.

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